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Besides incorporating a company for setting-up your business, you can also purchase a already established company known as Shelf Company which is already engaged in the business which you intend to carry, A “Shelf Company”,is a Company that is already formed, but not in use, and ready for “purchase” by a new owne

Why Shelf Company ?

Shelf Company enable new owners to engage into business, credit, or real estate agreements as an established Company without having to go through the entire process and waiting time frames of establishing a brand new Company. Most potential creditors or business resources are hesitant to engage brand new or up-start Companies. By approaching them as an established Corporation or Company (obviously, the more years the Company has been in existence, the better), the more likely your Company will be taken seriously and this may grant your business more access to credit lines, banking relationships, leases, etc.

Once you have properly selected your shelf Company, it will in turn enable you to establish an immediate history and instant credibility for your Company and corporate image. In most instances, you will instantly be able to bid on state contracts (states generally have minimum longevity rules for companies that are allowed to bid on their contracts), obtain lines of credit easier and obtain loans from the Small Business Administration in your state, and attract potential investors more readily with an “established” Company.


Saving of Incorporation time, which takes several days.

Ready to use entity with history and credibility.

Fully complied business set-up compliances.

All tax number registered.

Easy transferability.


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1 M**** Builders Private Limited 4   Delhi    
2 S**** Inframart Private Limited 4   Delhi    
3 YY Builders Private Limited 4   Delhi    
4 ABC Infracon Private Limited 4   Delhi    
5 XX Inframart Private Limited 4   Delhi    

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