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Private Placement by Private Limited Company

Query : 1. Can a Private company make Private Placement? 2. Can a company issue shares on Premium?

Reply : 1. As per the following sections of the companies act 2013 a Private Limited Company can:
• As per section 23 of the act a private company may be issue securities through private placement by complying with the provisions of Part II of this Chapter.
• As per section 42 a company, may subjected to the provisions of this section, make private placement through issue of a private placement offer letter.

2. Yes a company can issue s....

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Section 8 Company

Query : Can a Director get remuneration in a Section 8 Company? Can a member receive remuneration in a section 8 company?

Reply : o As per the companies act 2013 nothing in this clause shall prevent the payment by the company in good faith of prudent remuneration to any of its officers or servants (not being members) or to any other person (not being member), in return for any services actually rendered to the company

o As per the companies act 2013 nothing in clauses (3), (4) and (5) of Form INC 16 shall prevent the payment by the company in good faith of prudent remunerat....

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Registration of Trademark by a Foreign Nation

Query : Can a Foreign National register Trademark in India in his name.

Reply : Yes in case, the principal place or person applying for trademark is outside India, then the application can be filed in the Trademark office under whose jurisdiction the office of the lawyer appointed by you is located.

Posted By: Nauman Alam | On: 16th Sep 2014

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Comapny Landing

Query : Hi I wand to open a company in India and how it can be done and what are the documents needed.

Reply : Please find the answers to your queries as below;
1. I want to open a company in India and how it can be done?
• Apply for the name of the company to be registered by filing Form INC-1 for the same.
• Filing of Form INC-7: Form INC-7 for Application for incorporation of a company (Other than OPC).
• Form INC-22 : Notice of situation or change of situation of registered office based on the option chosen in Form INC-7.
• Form INC-22 is to be filed ....

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Contribution towards LLP

Query : Contribution may not always be tangible. I may want to assign somebody as partner and give him some share based on the work they do for the company. Does the agreement or LLP law allows for that?

Reply : Contribution means capital in LLP. The contribution can be tangible, movable or immovable or intangible property or other benefit to the limited liability partnership, including money, promissory notes, and other agreements to contribute cash or property, and contracts for services performed or to be performed.

If the Contribution in Cash
No Valuation required

In case the contribution is in intangible form i.e. other than Cash


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Conversion of Private Company to LLP

Query : Can anybody provide me complete procedure for conversion of private limited Company into LLP

Reply : For Conversion of Private Limited Company to LLP one has to undergo the understated steps.

• Applying for Designated Partners Identification Number(DIN) for the existing shareholders
• Generating Digital Signature Certificate for proposed Designated Partners.
• Applying of Name Approval with Registrar (ROC)
• Preparing & filling all conversion forms with Registrar (ROC).
• Preparing Draft LLP Agreement.
• Preparing the list of partners, credit....

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Difference betwwen public and private limited company

Query : What is the difference between Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company as per New Companies Act, 2013?


A Private Limited Company is a Company limited by shares in which there can be maximum 200 shareholders except to OPC, no invitation can be made to the public for subscription of shares or debentures, cannot make or accept deposits from Public and there are restriction on the transfer of shares. The minimum number of shareholders and Directors is 2.
The minimum paid up Capital of Private Limited is Rs. 1 Lakh


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Registered Office of company when not taken on lease by company.

Query : Please provide me the format of Proof that the Company is permitted to use the address as the registered office of the Company if the same is owned by any other entity/ Person (not taken on lease by company) as required in Form INC-22

Reply : a. NOC/Authorization from the owner of the registered office, along with the utility bill i.e. Telephone/ Gas/ Electricity Bill*
*Bill shall not be more than 2 months old.

Posted By: Vishnu Prakash | On: 04th Aug 2014

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Need to Appostile by OCI resident

Query : I want to make an LLP but i want to know being an OCI why there is a need to get the documents apostilled and notrised and what all documents are to be apostilled.

Reply : As United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a part of Hague Apostille Convention, 1961 thus section 13(5)of the Companies Act 2013 says that.
Where subscriber to the memorandum is a foreign national residing outside India-
(a) in a country in any part of the Commonwealth, his signatures and address on the subscribers sheet and proof of identity shall be notarized by a Notary (Public) in that part of the Commonwealth.
(b) in a count....

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LLP Formation

Query : I want to carry on the business as a stock broker can i form an LLP

Reply : Note that business activities consisting of banking, insurance, venture capital, mutual fund, stock exchange, asset management and non banking financial activities shall are allowed provided that in principle approval from regulatory authorities is obtained

Posted By: Avnish | On: 01st Aug 2014

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