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What is Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)?
What are the benefits of forming LLP?
Whether an entity having non profit objectives allowed to form LLP?
Why LLP is called a flexible business entity?
Which activities cannot be carried out by LLP?
Whether provisions of Indian Partnership Act, 1932 would be applicable to LLPs?
What is the difference between LLP & a Company?
For which type of business LLP is suitable?
Whether Professionals can form LLP?
Whether partners can carry varied nature of business in LLP?
What is the difference between LLP & Traditional Partnership Firm?


What are the minimum requirements to form LLP?
Who can be Designated Partner?
What are the restrictions in respect of minimum and maximum number of partners in an LLP?
What are the steps to form LLP?
What are the qualifications for becoming a partner?
Whether a body corporate may be a partner of an LLP?
Is there any residency requirement for becoming partner?
What is the requirement in respect of ’Designated Partners’?
Which are the documents required for allotment of DPIN/DIN?
What is the validity of DPIN?
How much time does it take for allotment of DPIN?
What is Digital Signature Certificate?
For what other purposes, can I use DSC for?
What is Contribution?
What is the form of Contribution?
How can the Contribution be increased?
How can the name of the LLP be reserved?
How can the name of LLP be changed?
What are things to remember while choosing name of the LLP?
Whether having a registered office for LLP is mandatory?
Whether it is necessary to enter into LLP Agreement at time of incorporation?
Whether stamp duty will be paid on the LLP Agreement?


How can a person become a partner of an LLP after incorporation?
How can an existing partner cease to be a partner of an LLP?
What will be the obligation of a partner in case he changes his name or address?
Is a partner ceased from his liability on his cessation of being the partner of the LLP?
What shall be the rights of the partner on his cessation to become a partner?
What are the rights and duties of partners in the LLP?
How decisions in the LLP are taken?
How the bank account is operated in case of LLP?
Whether LLP Agreement can be amended?
What is the importance of the LLP Agreement?
Can a partner be expelled from the LLP?
What is the difference between Managing & Designated Partner?


Whether every LLP would be required to maintain and file books of accounts?
What are the obligations with reference to the financial disclosures in the LLP?
Whether the Registrar would have any power to call for information from LLPs?
Who is responsible for compliances under LLP?
Is there any requirement for appointment of a Company Secretary?
What compliance is required for change in name, registered office of LLP, changes in partners?
what are penalties for non compliance?


What are ways in which LLP can be closed?
What would be the provisions in respect of winding- up of LLPs?


What is the tax treatment being provided for LLPs?
Who will be responsible for signing the Income tax return?
Whether interest on contribution is allowed under LLP? If yes, whether deduction of such interest would be allowed to LLP
Whether is there any limit on payment of remuneration to partners?
Whether MAT or Dividend Distribution tax will be applicable on LLP?
What is pass through taxation system?
What will be the treatment of remuneration in the hands of the partners under Income Tax?
Whether assignment/transfer/gift of the interest of partner to third person will be subject to income/capital gain tax?
Whether assignment of interest in LLP by any partner to other, shall be subject to tax liability?
Whether introduction of intangible contribution in LLP will be taxable?

Foreign Investment in LLP +

Whether foreigners can incorporate LLP?
Who can invest in LLP for the purpose of Foreign Direct Investment in LLP?
Who are not allowed to invest in LLPs?
Which activities are allowed to undertake by the Foreign Investor in LLP?
5. What are the activities which are not allowed under LLP Structure by Non residents?
Is Profit sharing also forms part of Foreign Investment?
Whether prior approval is required for FDI in LLP?
What is the procedure to obtain FIPB Approval?
How much time does it take to obtain FIPB Approval?
How is pricing done to bring FDI in LLP?
What is the mode of payment for foreign investor in LLP?
What are the compliances to be done in order to intimate RBI after receiving cash consideration?
Whether LLP with FDI can make downstream investments?

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