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Company registered in accordance with Companies Act 2013, is one of the most credible form of business. A company has its own identity different from its Directors, Shareholders, and Managers. The liability of the shareholders of a company is limited upto the amount unpaid towards the shares taken by its shareholders. A company falls under the purview of Perpetual Succession i.e. "Member may come member may go but company remains into existence ". Also as per the act every company registered under the act or any earlier act shall have to appoint an auditor, maintain books of accounts, convene annual general meeting and also file its annual returns on annually basis.

There are basically three types of Companies

Public Limited Company

  • Any company which is not a Private Company and has a minimum paid up share capital of Rs.5 Lakhs.
  • Seven Members and Three Directors are required to form a public limited company.
  • A Public Limited company can either use Limited or Public Limited after its name.
  • Every Private company who is a subsidiary of a public company is also a Public Limited Company.

Private Limited Company

  • Any company having minimum paid up capital of Rs. 1 Lakh and is not a subsidiary of any Public Limited Company.
  • Two Directors and Two or more members can form a Private Limited Company.
  • Such companies do not have to comply with various provisions as that in a public limited company.
  • Such companies can have a maximum of 200 members and also cannot accept public deposits nor can invite public to subscribe its shares or debentures.

One Person Company(OPC)

  • The Company Act 2014, giving an opportunity to entrepreneurs via introducing the concept of OPC where single person can make his own company.
  • Atleast One Person and maximum 15 (fifteen) directors can be there in an OPC.
  • In case of One Director he has to appoint his nominee and mention the name of the nominee so appointed in the MOA & AOA of the company.
  • Every One Person Company falls under the purview of Private Limited Company but shall affix (OPC) in brackets after its registered name.

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